SSH postponed authentication (publickey)

An interesting syslog message!

sshd[xxx]: 'Postponed publickey for oracle from ::ffff: port 9264 ssh2'

As Tom explains,

ssh is just stepping through the client-configured authentication types (enabled in either ssh_config or ~/.ssh/config) and trying them in turn, but acknowledging that a publickey was presented, and postponing its use until after trying the first auth type.

Split a file across multiple CDs or DVDs on Linux

Okay, so you very likely have the ‘split’ utility installed (it’s in the GNU coreutils package, so… very likely). If you want to burn a file to multiple media, but you don’t have kdar installed on your desktop… don’t worry about it. Just open a terminal and do:
$ split --bytes=600MB --numeric-suffixes filename_part_
In my case, I have a 2.8GB file, but I only have 700MB CDs on hand for my burner. So this command will ensure that I get several 600 “megabyte” (1000 bytes * 1000) pieces, named “filename_part_00,” “filename_part_01,” and “filename_part_02,” et cetera.