Drupal very popular for observable “dot gov” .gov sites

Drupal has been steadily growing in popularity among live “dot gov” domains. According to one analysis, it powers nearly twice as many of those .gov domains as all other CMSs combined — though 93% of those run no detectable CMS. The analysis is currently being updated.

Removing wine menu entries and file associations on Ubuntu

From the Wine FAQ, this works for me on Ubuntu Lucid, using Wine 1.2.2:

rm -f $HOME/.config/menus/applications-merged/wine*
rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/applications/wine
rm -f $HOME/.local/share/desktop-directories/wine*
rm -f $HOME/.local/share/icons/????_*.{xpm,png}
rm -f $HOME/.local/share/icons/*-x-wine-*.{xpm,png}

And the file associations:

rm -f $HOME/local/share/applications/wine-extension-*

Finally, if you’d like to remove installed Wine applications entirely for a single user, say, yourself:

rm -rf $HOME/.wine